“Rush Hour Rally”

A positive step forward for residents.

Tuesday April 11th - “Rush Hour Rally” and news conference successfully caught the attention of various news stations, elected officials and community members. The residents of City Heights gave a voice to the need for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) throughout the San Diego Region. The event was held at City Heights Transit Plaza and was initiated as a result of the issue being presented at the Land Use and Housing Committee meeting Wednesday.

The Land Use and Housing Committee allotted a significant portion of the meeting to the issue of CenterLine Transit. The council members motioned to deliver this presentation to Cal Trans and SANDAG who are key in this process.

City Heights Community Development Corporation (CHCDC) would like to thank it’s residents for their dedication to this project, to the media for assisting us in getting the message out to the community, and to our elected officials who continue to support us.

San Diego CenterLine: Key to the City

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